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Dr Miranda Myles, Naturopath & Acupuncturist

Dedicated to your health, naturally.

Hello, I’m Dr Miranda Myles and I specialise in natural health and fertility.

My practice is centred around empowering and inspiring individuals to better understand their physical and emotional wellbeing. I have a strong interest in treating fertility, IVF support, gynaecology, women’s and men’s hormonal health, children’s health and emotional/mental health.

I look forward to helping you too!

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Women’s Health & Gynaecology

Dr Miranda Myles creates a caring and gentle environment that is sensitive and supportive to the needs of women of all ages. Dr Miranda is passionate about encouraging women to recognise and change, be and become all they can be, naturally.

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Men’s Health & Fertility

Dr Miranda Myles will provide natural methods to achieve fundamental changes to help men thrive. Effective, science-based approaches are designed by Miranda to help fight the ageing process, address male reproductive health and minimise the risk of chronic illness.

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Healthy Babies & Kids

Due to their strong vitality, babies and children respond beautifully to gentle remedies and slight changes in nutrition. Miranda utilises natural, safe and gentle techniques including nutritional, herbal and homeopathic remedies and shonishin, needle-free acupuncture, to ensure optimal health for your children.

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We are trying

Miranda has a thorough working knowledge of reproductive techniques. Having experienced IVF and her own reproductive issues, Miranda understands, and is sympathetic to, both the physical and emotional distresses that occurs during this time.

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I am pregnant

Miranda provides a beautifully supportive environment to educate and empower you to maintain your optimal health, and nurture a successful pregnancy with minimal complications. Miranda will also help you prepare for your ideal birth, and early post-natal period as a new Mum.

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Donor egg or sperm

Miranda is dedicated to help donors and intending parents achieve optimal physical and emotional health prior to donation, ART/IVF, and conception.

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Skype Consultations with Dr Miranda Myles

Appointments available at 169 Grattan St, Carlton, Victoria, or via Skype. Miranda successfully consults with patients all over the world via Skype.

Essential Fertility Nutrients

If you are trying, or preparing to conceive, this is an essential list of nutrients, vitamins & minerals for you.

Essential Fertility Nutrients
12 Top Fertility Foods

“Healthy babies come from healthy parents. Let’s give your baby the best start possible.” Dr Miranda Myles

12 Top Fertility Foods

Have you been trying forever to get pregnant? Are you worried about your fertility? No...


Teasing Tea

Exquisite Medicinal Blends

As a Naturopath, I have passionately created an exquisite medicinal herbal tea range that will tease and entice your taste buds. The formulas are scrumptious, simple suggestions for common health complaints.

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